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We welcome you to our digital Municipality, where we gathered all the necessary information for citizens and visitors of our area. In our new digital "home" you can discover all about the actions and news of the Municipality, the structures and services, about the people who are involved, with respect to the needs of the citizens and to the land that the Municipality is located. 


Together, we move forward, in the “normal” as well as the digital neighborhoods of the Municipality that we love. 


The Municipality

The Municipality of Neapoli-Sykies is in northern Greece and it is part of the Thessaloniki Regional Unit of the Central Macedonia Region. Together with six other municipalities, it forms the Thessaloniki Metropolitan Area and extends to its northeastern end. It is based in Sykies. 

The Municipality of Neapoli-Sykies was created in 2011, from the union of four Municipalities of the Thessaloniki Metropolitan Area, the former Municipalities of Agios Pavlos, Neapoli, Pefka and Sykies, which today constitute the four Municipal Units that compose it. A common element is the creation of the communities by refugee populations, who arrived in ​​Thessaloniki after the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

The Municipality’s range is 12,900 acres. The area stands out for its special characteristics, which are determined to a large extent by the morphology of the soil and the strong altitude differences. It is adjacent to the magnificent forest of Seih Sou, while it includes the Dendrofitia grove, green lungs that improve the quality of life in the urban fabric, as well as dozens of urban parks that act as islets of relaxation and recreation. 

According to the 2021 census, the Municipality of Neapoli-Sykies has 80,851 inhabitants, while in 2011 there were 84,741.

The Municipal Unit of Agios Pavlos includes the districts of Agios Pavlos, Evangelistria and Chilia Dendra. As the Community of Agios Pavlos, in the 1971 census it had 5,012 inhabitants and in that of 1981 it had 4,576. As the Municipality of Agios Pavlos, it had 7,221 inhabitants in 1991 and 7,998 in 2001. In the last census as an independent Municipality, in 2011, it had 6,852 inhabitants. 

Neapoli has been an independent Municipality since 1946. It is considered one of the most densely populated areas in Europe. From 18,680 inhabitants in 1971, it reached 20,770 (1981) and 30,568 (1991) in the following censuses, while in 2001 it had 30,279 inhabitants. With its inclusion in the single Municipality, in 2011, it had a population of 27,084 people. 

Pefka ("Retziki") was part of the Municipality of Sykies until 1992 when it was separated and became a separate Community. In 1991 they had 2,288 inhabitants, while in 2001 they registered 6,434 inhabitants as the Community of Pefka. Their population in 2011 reached 13,052 people. 

Sykies was separated from the then Municipality of Thessaloniki in 1934 and from 1954 became an independent Municipality, which also included Retziki until 1992. In 1971 they had 18,195 inhabitants, in 1981 they had 22,070, while in 1991 they registered 34,059 (36,347 with Retziki). As the Municipality of Sykies without Pefka (Retziki), they had 41,726 inhabitants in 2001 and 37,753 in 2011.